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College Login Sections
Student Management
1. Student Addmission Data Entry
2. Left Student Entry
3. Student Subject Modification
4. Percentage wise Student List
5. Modify Student class Detail & Percentage
6. Assign General Register No. to the Students.
8. Print Barcode
9. Admission Confirm
10. Modify Student's All Information
11. Student's Fee Entry
12. Classwise Students List with Photo
13. Zero Assign to the Subject

Scholarship Management
1. Scholarship Fee Details
2. Scholarship/Freeship Entry Form
3. Scholarship Incomplete Info. Entry
4. Scholarship Statement-"A"
5. Summary of Scholarship Satement "A"
6. Gender wise Student Strength of Scholarship
7. Freeship Statement - "A"
8. Summary of Freeship Statement - "A"
9. Gender wise Student Strength of Freeship
8. Validity Entry Form
9. Validity statement

Junior College Management
1. MH-CET Fee Entry
2. MH-CET Form No. Entry
3. List of Repeter Students with Barcode No.
4. MH-CET Fee Report
5. MH-CET Fee & Form No. Report
6. HSC Board Exam. Form Entry
7. List of Students Appear for HSC Exam.
8. Subjects Taken by Student for HSC Exam. (Individual)
9. Student Subject Modification
10. Subjectwise wise Rollcall (For Regular Attendance)
11. Class / Division wise Rollcall (For Regular Attendance)
12. Junior Marks Entry
13. Junior Marksheet Statement
14. Print Attempt Certificate
15. Modify Student Info for LC / TC
16. View Students Info for Lc / TC
17. View / Print LC / TC
20. Print Bonafide
21. List of Left Students
22. XI-Sci.Pre-Admission / Merit List Data Entry
23. Modify Merit Data (XI Sci. Only)
24. Merit Data List (XI Sci. Only)
25. XIth Sci. Admited Student (Grant - Non KCE & Spl.Rev)
26. XIth Sci. Admited Student (Grant - KCE)
27. XIth Admited Student (Non-Grant - Non - KCE)
28. XIth Admited Student (Non-Grant - KCE)
29. XIth Science Option Form Entry
30. Edit XIth Science Option Form
31. List of XIth Science Option Form
32. Merit List of XIth Commerce (IT)
33. Modify Student's All Information
34. Classwise Student with Photo
35. Subjectwise Roll Call for Internal Examination
36. Blank Mark Statement
37. Class-Subject-Cast-Gender Wise Student Strength (Jr. Only)
38. Class_Cast_Gender Wise Student Strength (Jr. Only)

Administration Management
1. Classwise - Subjectwise Student List
2. Class-Subject-Cast-Gender Wise Student Strength (UG-PG Only)
3. Class_Cast_Gender Wise Student Strength (UG-PG Only)
4. Previous College - University Information of the Student
5. Modify Previous College - University Information of the Student
6. Assign Index No. To Senior College
7. Student General Register
8. Student's Deposit Register
9. UG/PG/CC-DIP Category - Gender Wise Student Strength

Other Reports
1. Category Wise Student List with Address & Contact No.
2. Subject Wise Student List with Address & Contact No.
3. Bonafide
4. Class - Category - Gender Wise Student List (2004-2012)
5. Class-Category-Gender-Subject Wise Student List (2004-2012)
6. Classwise Gender/Cat/DOB/Cast List
7. Class wise Student Strength (Boys & Girls)
8. Class wise Student Strength (Category wise)
9. Class wise Student Strength (Freeship)

KCES's Employees Credit Society Ltd.
1. Society's Employee's Personal Details Entry
2. Society's Employees Detail Entry

Interview Management
1. Candidates Details Entry
2. Modify Candidate's Details
3. Interview Report


Database Management
1. Edit whole Database
2. Create Login for Staff
3. Create Login for Dept. (Recurring/NonRecurring)
4. Display & Delete Common Records
5. Delete Student's Information
6. Assign Roll Numbers
7. View Passwords
8. Define Subject
9. View / Edit / Delete Subjects
10. Change Subject Code of Students (Whole Class)

Student Fee Management
1. Fee Entry
2. Edit Fee Entry
3. View Fee Details
4. Student's Only Fee Entry
5. Edit Student's Only Fee Entry
6. Delete Student's Only Fee Entry
7. Student's Additional Fee Entry
8. Suspense Fee Entry
9. Classwise Student Fee Details
10. View Receipt wise Total Fee Collected
11. View Daily Subsidiary
12. Only Head Wise Daily Subsidiary
13. View Yearly Fee Ledger
14. View Datewise Fee Collected
15. Student's Fee Ledger
16. View Student Personal Data
17. Define Class
18. View / Edit / Delete Class
19. View Left Student List
20. Left Students Subsidiary
21. View / Delete Classwise Fee Details

EBC & Eligibility Management
1. EBC Form Entry
2. Freeship Award - Form B
3. EBC Freeship - Statement A
4. New Student Eligibility Form Entry
5. Report for List of Students for Eligibility
6. Eligibility Number Entry Form
7. Report for List of Eligibility Number

NMU Examination Fee Management
1. Exam. Fee Entry Form
2. Edit Exam. Fee Entry Form

Employees Management
1. Employee Details
   Add New Employee
   Modify Employee Details
   Delete Employee Details
   Emp. Retirement Mark
   View Single Emp. Details
   List of Employees
   List of Emp. with All Info
2. Service Book Details
   Service Book Entry
   Modify Service Book Entry
   Delete Service Book Entry
   View Service Book Personally
   View Service Book of All Employees
3. Salary Details
   Create PayBill
   View/Edit/Delete PayBill (All Emp.)
   View/Edit/Del PayBill (Single Emp)
   DA Rate Entry
   View / Edit / Delete DA Rate Entry
5. Income Tax
6. Miscellaneous

Account Management
1. Daily Vouchers
2. Edit Voucher Entry
3. Delete Voucher Entry
4. Add Acount Code
5. Edit Acount Code
6. Delete Acount Code
7. Cash Book
8. Summary of Single Account
9. Summary of All Accounts

Sport Management
1. Define Sport Name
2. List of Sports
3. View / Edit / Delete Sport Name
4. Student's Sport Entry

Dept.Wise Stock Management
(Recurring / NonRecurring)
1. Purchase Entry
2. Edit Purchase Entry
3. Delete Purchase Entry
4. Dept.Wise Purchase Report


General Viewable Reports
1. Search Subject Code
2. Subject wise Rollcall
3. Groupwise Subject Rollcall
4. Division wise Rollcall
5. Class wise Rollcall (with subject names)
6. Class wise Rollcall (For Regular Attendance)
7. Subject wise Rollcall (For Regular Attendance)
8. Class wise Student List
9. Class & Subject wise Students Strength
10. List of Grant - Non Grant Students (Class Wise)
11. Search Student in a Class
12. Search Student in a College
13. Medium wise Student List
14. Internal Examination Marksheet (Class wise)
15. Internal Examination Marksheet (Subject wise)
16. Retrive Bar Code No. in MS - Excel Format
17. List of Grant - Non Grant Student (All)


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